Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Nice healthy breakfast today, well I suppose it was more like brunch.

We came to Charlottenburg and stopped in the Pianocafe am Lietzensee.
I think it was the window display that caught our eye, loads of gorgeous looking cakes.
Yes folks, for brunch we had.....
coffee and cake.

Not just coffee, but coffee with ameretto!!

Next stop was the Olympic Stadium, home to Hertha BSC as well as the German National Team.

Something we weren't expecting was the quality of the coffee which was very good!

So, after only eating cake and drinking coffee all day, we thought we'd better have a proper meal to finish the day off.

We went to Madami 's, voted #2 on Tripadvisor for vegetarian friendly food.

Oh my word.

What a meal.

We had a Tom Com and a Madami Rice Tofu to start.
The Tom Com is prawns, fried in green rice, served with a dipping sauce.
The rice tofu is a rice paper wrap with tofu and rice and some veg. Enough to share and only €4.80.

Our main courses were Ca Hoi Nuong and Thap cam hai san.

Both Salmon dishes, one with prawns and the other without.
Both with the peanut coconut sauce.


All of this washed down with a bottle of Riesling and all for €59.20.

Great way to finish the day, we will be visiting here again before this trip is over so expect another review soon!

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