Friday, 28 October 2016

Thursday 27th October 2016

Day 4 of the Berlin adventure and our first stop today was at Hackescher Markt where we found an excellent liquorice stall.

All kinds of liquorice can be found, including "spunk"!

The prices were very reasonable, probably about a third of the price of similar stalls in London.
Most of the liquorice was eaten before we made it to our next stop; lunch.

Again, Tripadvisor came into play, and Flamingo was the place of choice.

The reviews said that it got busy at lunchtime and they weren't wrong with what looked like many locals enjoying lunch.

However we got our food and found a seat.

Two soups, one large potato and sauerkraut and one small Provencal, came to €9.70 however it was very good soup and came with a couple of bread rolls.

The coffee and cake was good too, chocolate tart and an almond creamy vanilla cake with two great tasting coffees coming in at €10.20.

So not the cheapest lunch, but very good.

Next stop was the Reichstag Building and in particular the dome.

Getting in involved going through security similar to an airport, but this is understandable as it is the German Parliament building.

The dome itself is spectacular and on a fine day you would have great views across Berlin.

Unfortunately it was misty when we visited but worth the experience anyway.

Just around the corner from the Reichstag Building is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

2711 concrete slabs of differing heights dedicated to the Jewish victims of the holocaust.

After a couple of cocktails in Hackescher Markt ( lethal Mai Tais at €5.50 each during happy hour) we headed for Restaurant a Mano.

Reviews on Tripadvisor claim that this restaurant is along a road that resembles a council estate. If it does then  it's a very posh council estate with an art gallery and expensive looking bicycle shop along it.

The food was, quite simply, amazing.

Gnocchi with goats cheese and salmon salad with Feta.

The salmon may look better but the gnocchi won hands down.

The grilled Sea Bream, de-headed, de-boned and filleted at the table, was a taste sensation.

Two bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and a couple of Limoncellos later and we were  a very happy couple!

Not cheap at €117 but delicious food.

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