Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tuesday 25th October 2016

Day 2 of our Berlin adventure.
First meal of the day at Oliv Café located on the corner of Munzstrasse and Almstadstrasse.

Nice little cafe with small tables for two.

English speaking staff.

We had the daily special; Pumpkin, Beetroot and Feta salad and a Salad with Warm Goats Cheese on Baguette with homemade onion relish, both really good.
Couple of great tasting coffees.

Very relaxed atmosphere.

Table service, pay at the till.  

The bill: €22.20, so around £22.20 at the current post Brexit exchange rates. 

Following a little wander we went for cocktails in a traditional Berlin bar, Que Pasa.

All cocktails are €4.50 all day. 

Except the ones that aren't. 

But these are only €5 or €6, so not bad, especially when you taste how much alcohol is in them. 

First up we had a Mexican Colada. 
Basically a Pina Colada but with Kalhua.
Very good. 
Also had a Long Island Iced Tea. 
Whilst very good it reminded us of when you were about 15 years old and you used to go through your father's drinks cabinet and just put a bit of every drink into a glass and then add a splash of coke to make it drinkable! 

Next up was a Flying Kangaroo and a Baileys Tropic. 
Both weird. The Baileys Tropic looked like Fairy Liquid. 
Best described as "having a coffee burp through a straw whilst doing the dishes".

We also had some Nachos Frijoles, which were basically nachos with added anemic baked beans. 

Last meal of the day was in Hummus and Friends.

An old favourite of ours, we expected great things. 

Apart from the salad having WAY too much coriander (cilantro for any American readers), it was all good. 

Don't fall into the trap off thinking you have to order loads of dishes.
It's just too much. 

The Hummus and Friends Special is good. As is any of the hummus. 
And the tomato and bulgar wheat. 
Pretty much all of it is good. 
Just too much coriander for us. 

Wine is not badly priced either. 

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