Saturday, 29 October 2016

Friday 28th October 2016

After last night's incredible meal at Restaurant a Mano we decided to take it easy this morning and had a late lunch at Madimas.

Rice paper rolls as a starter (to share) followed by a bowl of Pollack in breadcrumbs on a bed of salad and vegetables with rice and Madami sauce.

The mains, as it was between 1200hrs and 1500hrs were only €6.50 each.
I did think that as it was a lunchtime special that the portions would be smaller, but no!

From here went to see a Hieronymus Bosch exhibition, Visions Alive.

At €12.50 it is quite expensive, however, get a leaflet from one of the many tourist places that give out leaflets and you can save €3 per person.

Once you find a spare beanbag and settle down it is quite fascinating, in a weird way.

After a cocktail in the hotel we made our way to the Festival Theater der Dinge.

Nineteen Euros later and we were watching Duo à ľEncre (Duo mit Tusche, or Duo with Ink).

Basically this is a man drawing with chinese ink while another man plays the drums.

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